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Straight Talk About the “A” Word

I sat with a client the other day, who was discussing his employer-sponsored retirement plan. He wanted an investment that would provide him with NO risk, a guaranteed 8% –

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Why It’s Important to Personalize Your Pitch

If you are hearing NO more than YES, perhaps you’re giving the same sales pitch over and over. Learn why it’s important to personalize each pitch and how you can

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Tips On Using FaceBook LIVE for Business

Last night, at our Connect the Dots 4 Women networking event at The Woman’s Club of Red Bank, I shared 21 tips to doing a successful FB Live Video. With

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Photos from the Fall Kick-Off Networking Event

The Fall Kick-Off at the Woman’s Club was engaging and fun. We met lot’s of great women in business and more than a few connections were made.

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Need Some Motivation?

Whether your goal is getting your finances on track or starting a new business, we all need some uplifting words of wisdom to motivate and inspire us.

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Change Your Money Mindset

We all want to be better with money. We want more of it, we want it to work harder for us, and to be more financially secure.

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September – A Good Time To Review Your Digital Footprint

If you didn’t create any new year’s resolutions for your business in January, now is the time to sit down and review what you have an make some feasible plans.

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Taking Time Off

Networking is traditionally slow in the summer. We’re taking time off to slow down and spend time with family and friends. See you next fall!

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Stop Whining About Money and Change Your Money Mindset

Article by financial advisor Lori M. Brand, who is also presenting the Money Mindset segment of our Wine + Food Pairing Networking even on May 18th.

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